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Personal Training and Nutrition with Recreation Services is about finding the right FIT for you. From getting matched with the right certified personal trainer to an individualized plan created specifically for YOU – your needs, abilities, preferences and lifestyle. Being FIT means something different for each person, and we have the education, experience and passion for helping you discover what that means for you. After all, you are unique, and your plan should be too!


Our trainers have a Kinesiology degree and are certified through the Canadian Society of Exercise Physiology (CSEP) as Clinical Exercise Physiologists (CEP) or Certified Personal Trainers (CPT). They will provide you with the knowledge and direction to help you achieve your fitness goals safely, effectively – and most importantly – be motivated to keep exercising!


Once you've added a service to your cart and checked out, you will be prompted to answer our intake questionnaire and sign a waiver. After your payment is processed, we will use the questionnaire responses to match you with the most appropriate trainer, who will contact you to schedule your first sessions together. You can expect to be matched within 2-3 business days of your purchase.

Inquiries: personal.training@umanitoba.ca

** PT sessions and assessments are valid for one year from the date of purchase.


Recommended options for NEW CLIENTS:

*For our Certified Trainers to provide the best experience for you, all new clients must start with a package that has a consultation, such as the Jump Start or Jump Start Plus Packages.

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Jump Start

This a great package to start your experience with a personal trainer. Beginning with a 30-minute consultation, your trainer will learn all about you– your needs, abilities, preferences and lifestyle goals to guide your individualized exercise plan over the following Three – 1-hour personal training sessions.


  • 30 min. consultation
  • Individualized training plan/exercise prescription
  • Three 1-hour personal training sessions

Jump Start Plus

All the benefits of the Jump Start Package (see description above), PLUS a Healthy Fitness Assessment to determine your current fitness level and guide your exercise recommendations.


  • 30 min. consultation
  • Healthy Fitness Assessment -includes a general overview of body composition, muscular strength, endurance, power, flexibility and balance as well as a submaximal cardiovascular, which predicts your aerobic fitness. All results are interpreted and compared to Canadian age and gender norms.
  • Individualized training plan/exercise prescription
  • Three 1-hour personal training sessions

3 1-hour Personal Training Sessions

Perfect for someone who wants help getting started with basic exercises and workouts.

6 1-hour Personal Training Sessions

If you want to ensure you are executing your program properly and progressing with your goals.

12 1-hour Personal Training Sessions

Ideal if you want regular contact with a trainer. This allows you to keep progressing safely with regular updates to your training to maximize your results.

Body Composition Assessment

Go beyond the scale for an accurate and detailed analysis of your body composition. Using several assessment tools and protocols (such as skinfolds, girths and our non-invasive InBody BIA), we will provide a breakdown and distribution of lean and fat mass, as well as your calculated Basal Metabolic Rate. This in-depth body composition assessment includes a comprehensive, easy-to-understand measurement report along with guidance and a specific interpretation of what this all means for you and your goals!

Functional Movement Analysis

A Functional Movement Analysis will evaluate body alignment, muscle imbalance, movement deficiencies, limitations, or asymmetries through a series of seven movement tests that require a balance of mobility and stability. Specific exercises will be prescribed based on the assessment results to help correct deficiencies or imbalances in a follow-up training session. This assessment is useful for everyone as improved functional movement can reduce stress on the body, prevent injury, regain proper movement patterns, increase body awareness, and increase the effects of training and conditioning.


VO2 max is the gold standard in aerobic fitness assessment. Using direct gas analysis during maximal intensity aerobic exercise, we will determine your maximal heart rate and maximal oxygen consumption and outline your heart rate and pace-specific training zones.   Ideal for someone interested in personal performance or who wants a more precise exercise prescription, whether for performance or health.

The Works

If you want a comprehensive assessment of your current health and fitness, this is the package for you. Consultation + Assessment.   The assessment includes in-depth body composition (including % body fat and calculated metabolic rate), an assessment of muscular strength, endurance, power, flexibility and balance, plus a VO2 max test using direct gas analysis during maximal intensity exercise to measure cardiovascular fitness. All results are interpreted and compared to Canadian age and gender norms.

The Works Plus

This package begins with The Works Assessment (see description above) to establish your current fitness level and is followed up with a one-on-one personal training session to guide your exercise prescription.

Peak Performance

This package has it all! Specific test selection based on your individual goals related to all components of fitness and daily calorie needs for changes in body composition, along with our most comprehensive program design and ongoing personal training. Goal-related testing (aerobic or anaerobic assessment, muscular strength, endurance and power), Functional Movement Analysis, In-depth Body Composition (including % body fat), calculated Resting Metabolic Rate, 8-week program design and 10 hours of personal training.

Group Personal Training

Get ready to ignite your fitness journey with GRIT! Our small group training sessions are not your average workout sessions - they're an experience designed to push your limits and maximize your potential.