Personal Training Services

Recreation Services provides the highest quality of personal training, counselling and fitness assessments. Our comprehensive services will assist you in defining your current state of fitness, improving on areas of weakness and enhancing areas of strength. A safe, effective and individualized program can be developed according to your needs, interests and goals. All of our staff are certified through the Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology (CSEP) as Certified Personal Trainers (CPT’s) or Certified Exercise Physiologists (CEP’s).

Once you've added a service to your cart and checked out you will be prompted to answer our intake questionnaire and sign a waiver. After your payment is processed we will contact you to schedule your first session!

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Jump Start

For people who need help getting started with an exercise plan and a little extra time with a personal trainer. A program and guidelines will be provided based on your goals, exercise history and preferences. This package includes:

  • ½ hour consultation session
  • 3 1-hour personal training sessions
  • Jump Start Plus

    For people who want to measure their current fitness level and work with a personal trainer to address individual goals. This package includes:

  • Consultation and Healthy Fitness Assessment. The assessment includes basic body composition, muscular strength, endurance, power, flexibility and balance as well as a submaximal aerobic test which predicts your aerobic fitness. All results are interpreted and compared to Canadian age and gender norms.
  • 3 1-hour of personal training sessions
  • Body Composition Assessment

    For someone who wants a detailed analysis of their body composition, including what proportion of their mass is lean and fat mass and how it is distributed on your body. An in-depth body composition assessment includes % body fat and metabolic rate analysis along with interpretation/guidance regarding training and body composition goals. All results will be compared to Canadian age and gender norms or sport specific norms.

    Pre & Post Body Composition Assessment

    For those who want to thoroughly document their body composition progress before and after a training program. This package includes two in-depth body composition assessments at two different time periods (recommended minimum of 8 weeks between assessments).

    Functional Movement Analysis

    A Functional Movement Analysis will evaluate body alignment, muscle imbalance, movement deficiencies, limitations or asymmetries through a series of seven movement tests that require a balance of mobility and stability. Recommendations will be provided based on results to help correct deficiencies or imbalances. This assessment is useful for everyone. Improved functional movement can reduce stress on the body, prevent injury, regain proper movement patterns, increase body awareness, and increase the effects of training and conditioning.


    VO2 max is the gold standard in aerobic fitness assessment. Using direct gas analysis through maximal intensity aerobic exercise we will determine your maximal heart rate, maximal oxygen consumption as well as outline your heart rate and pace specific training zones.

    Ideal for someone interested in personal performance or who wants a more precise exercise prescription whether for performance or health. Also a good way to assess the results of your program when taken pre and post.