Climbing spots are available to book up to two days in advance (today, tomorrow, and the day after) for 10 pass holders only.

For non 10-pass visitors, please contact customer service at 204-474-6100 to book for same day appointments or to purchase a climbing day pass. If this is your first climb you may logon and sign our climbing waiver here or you can sign a waiver in person before your first climb.

If you begin to feel unwell before your scheduled visit, please call our customer service team at 204-474-6100 to cancel your workout.

Please note: three ply masks must be worn at all times, even while climbing.

Climbing 10 Pass

With a Climbing 10 Pass you get a better rate and the ability to schedule your visits yourself online, up to two days in advance. Gym members get a $30 discount discount off their Climbing 10 Pass! Discount is applied at checkout.

You will be required to sign a climbing waiver at checkout. Once the waiver is submitted and payment received we will activate your online signup access. We will send an access confirmation email within two business days, or if you want to book a time right away you may call Customer Service during business hours at 204-474-6100.