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UM Recreation Services offers a variety of programs and activities (martial arts, dance, recreation and more) which are sure to challenge you both mentally and physically. Our instructors have a combined 200+ years of experience in their respective fields and will guide you through the learning process.

Members receive 20% off listed retail price. (discount applied at checkout), and all members, including students, can try programs for free during our Members Free Trial Week. Check back here this fall for more information.

Adult climbing

Climbing courses for participants of all skill levels!


These high-energy classes will teach you how to have fun and impress on the dance floor, whether a novice or advanced dancer. Classes cater to partner and individual dances to improve body awareness, coordination, cardiovascular endurance, and confidence on the dance floor.

Martial arts

Our martial arts programs are designed to promote progression and development for both beginners and experienced participants. Participants will learn takedowns, throws, strikes, self-defence, and joint locks.

Manitoba fitness council

Have you ever thought about teaching fitness classes? Here is your chance!


Recreation programs include a variety of classes geared to those who want to learn a new activity or develop their existing skills for activities and sports. Courses are designed to accommodate various levels of participants, from the beginner to the advanced.


Change your relationship with food with our online Craving Change program.

Free Trials

Spring 2024 Free Trial Week April 29-May 3). Registration opens April 8 @ noon.

Self Defense

Take your personal safety seriously. Learn how to identify, avoid, and minimize your exposure to risky situations as well as how to protect yourself.