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The goal of the Paramedic Physical Fitness Assessment is to provide a simple, safe, and standardized approach to assessing the major fitness-related components as well as capacity to perform essential job-related physical tasks encountered in the field.


The Physical Abilities Test (PAT) is designed to have you demonstrate that you have the minimum ability to perform the physical duties associated with this occupation.

Police Officers perform varied duties, and on occasion, are expected to intervene in physical confrontations or resolve conflict situations.


The Physical Ability Requirement Evaluation (PARE) is an occupational test that measures the essential physical capacities to perform satisfactory police work. It is used as a hiring requirement for various law enforcement agencies.

Fire Fighter

The Canadian Forces Fire Marshall's Firefighter Pre-Entry Fitness Evaluation (CFFM FPFE) is part of the application process for various hiring agencies such as WFPS and Brandon Fire & Emergency Services.

Vita Health

The purpose of the Vita Health Physical Assessment is to test general levels of fitness based on general fitness standards as well as capacity to perform physical job-related demands compared to actual job requirements. It is an objective assessment to ensure employee safety and preparedness to do the jobs withing manufacturing.

Private Fitness Testing

Fitness assessments designed for various agencies to ensure you have the ability to complete the minimum physical demands of the job. These are privately arranged assessments such as the Caretaking FIT test and Animal Services Assessments.